Life Insurance

Protect The People

That Matter Most

Protect your loved ones and those that depend on you with comprehensive international life insurance designed for expatriates

Do you need International Life Insurance?

What would happen if you were no longer here? Would your spouse, children, or those that depend on you financially be able to maintain their standard of living? What would happen to any outstanding debts that you have?

If you have financial dependents, then it is likely you need some form of life insurance. Many employers offer basic life insurance, but it is rarely enough to protect your loved ones adequately. You may have also purchased life insurance in your home country, but often in the small print of these policies, they exclude coverage in a foreign country.

Talk to one of our advisors today and let us help you assess your life insurance needs and ensure the people who matter to you are protected.

The Benefits of International Life Insurance

  • Covered in virtually every country in the world
  • Specifically designed for expatriates who move around the world
  • Medical exams in the country where you live
  • Full reimbursement of medical costs
  • Highly reputable multi-national insurance companies
  • Automatic payment collection from VISA and MasterCard
  • Flexibility with pre-existing conditions
  • Perfect solution for estate and tax planning

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Protect Your Children
Your Spouse's Needs
Don't Leave Your Debts Behind
Other Financial Dependents
If you have young children, then you should estimate that they will not be financially independent until the age of 25. A major factor you must consider is the cost of educating your children. As expatriates, international schooling can be very expensive. Without your wage, or your employer's contribution towards this, would it be affordable? University is also a significant expense that you should include in your planning.
If you have a spouse or partner who depends on your income, then their standard of living will be greatly diminished without your earnings. Your insurance should provide a regular income to your spouse to provide some of the income they will be missing without you. Additionally, you need to factor in their retirement and how they will be able to save towards this without you.
Death can be one of the most challenging and painful periods for a family, don't make this worse by leaving behind significant debts. Your life insurance should be structured to pay off any debts that would be a burden to your family without you. These could include your mortgage, credit card and any bank loans.
Your spouse and children might not be the only people who rely on your income. It is very common for adult children to have to support their parents in later life. Long-Term Care, medical expenses and insufficient retirement planning can be factors which mean parents depend on their children.